Analysis and Comparison of the 4-pole 2DOF-HMBs


  • Vu Dinh Dat Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
  • Quang Dich Nguyen HUST
  • Nguyen Huy Phuong Hanoi University of Science and Technology


Recently Hybrid Magnetic Bearings (HBMs) are being studied by many researchers because they have the ability to combine the advantages of the both active magnetic bearings and passive magnetic bearings. This paper focuses on two structures of the four-pole hybrid-type magnetic bearing, the ones with the auxiliary clearance and the others without the auxiliary clearance. In which the finite element analysis method (FEM) using ANSYS was applied to analyze and evaluate the performance of the above hybrid active magnetic bearings. The simulation results are also compared with the equivalent magnetic circuit method (EMCM) to verify and give ideas to optimize the design to improve the quality of the HMB.


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Vũ, Đình Đạt, Nguyen, Q. D., & Nguyễn, H. P. (2021). Analysis and Comparison of the 4-pole 2DOF-HMBs . Measurement, Control, and Automation, 1(2). Retrieved from