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Optimal calculation of Plate Fin Heat Sinks for RRU LTE 4G


  • Minh Dinh Bui Hanoi Unviersity of Science and Technology
  • Quoc Vuong Dang Hanoi Unviersity of Science and Technology


Radio transmitter, transceivers, power amplifiers, receivers, 4G mobile communication


Remote Radio Unit RRU 4G LTE Heatsink systems are using natural convection cooling due to some outstanding advantages such as low cost, high reliability, noiseless operation and positioning independent from other cooling circuits. The main disadvantage is a relatively low heat transfer, an analytic model is required to efficiently design natural convection heat sinks according to the applied design constraints. This paper proposes a natural convection heatsink for power amplifer circuits of RRU 2T2R with power 2x40W and 2x60W. The RRU natural cooling system is composed parallel plate heat sinks in order to find an optimum heat sink design based on miminum of Entropy energy and Heatsink Resistance. The efficientcy of power ampilifers of RRU 2T2R is normally from 30-40% and the heat power loss from 50% to 60% is cooled by a natural convection model.


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