DC bias elimination for Dual-Active-Bridge DC/DC converter using TMS320F28335


  • Dinh Nguyen Duy
  • Goro Fujita Shibaura Institute of Technology
  • Kazuto Yukita Aichi Institute of Technology


Dual-Active-Bridge DC/DC converter, DC bias elimination, transformer saturation, phase shift modulation, TMS320F28335


This paper proposes an novel simple anti-bias modulation technique for single phase Dual-Active-Bridge DC/DC converters. When a pulsating load occurs, the control efforts of the controller lead to sudden changes in the phase shift. In turn, this cause a momentary unbalance in the positive and negative volt-second product of the transformer. As a consequence, DC bias in the transformer current appears and takes some time to vanish. By some small changes in the setting of the pulse-width-modulation modules of the digital-signal-processor, the bias can be completely eliminated. Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that, it takes only a half of one switching period to remove the bias caused by a pulsating load change without the need of a high sampling speed or any complicated measurements or feedback.


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Nguyen Duy, D., Fujita, G., & Yukita, K. (2022). DC bias elimination for Dual-Active-Bridge DC/DC converter using TMS320F28335. Measurement, Control, and Automation, 3(2), 28-36. Retrieved from https://mca-journal.org/index.php/mca/article/view/107